Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s Workshop


In early December the church basement is filled with donated gift items to be shared with children in our community.  The children shop for Christmas presents for their family members and parishioners wrap them up beautifully while the child enjoys cookies. Volunteers help the family load their car and wish them a blessed Christmas.  There is no cost to the families for this event.

This event is "by invitation only." We would love to open it to the public in the future but our lack of storage options limits the number of children we can serve.  Our goal is to serve 100 children each year.

Further Information

  • Gift donations can be collected at anytime of year by contacting the event coordinator.  Bulletin reminders begin in the early fall.
  • We need new or gently used items for Men, Women, Teens, Children, and Infants.  **No clothes, shoes, or items with a specific size such as bedsheet due to the children not knowing what size their family members require.
  • Monetary donations are extremely helpful particularly in the late summer and early fall so volunteers can begin shopping before the Christmas rush.
  • Men and Teens are the most challenging categories to fill and require a lot of extra shopping effort.
  • We do not need wrapping paper or gift bags because they have been donated in abundance.
  • Packing materials such as boxes, newspaper, tissue paper and bubble wrap are needed but are not collected until late November to conserve space.

Event Coordinator

Gloria Heinen - 573-796-4842